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Until I met my husband, the only gin and tonic I had was at the bar of a casino in Reno. I was with a co-worker, who seemed to know a thing or two about drinks. She took a sip and smiled. “Ahhh, now that’s a good gin and tonic,” she smiled. I took a sip. “Oook,” I said, “uh-huh.”

About 15 years later, my now-husband announced he was making me a gin and tonic. I smiled and nodded happily, privately vowing to drink it and not grimace.

It was perfect.

Since then he has made me many a G&T, always perfect. Even on hard-hitting evenings when we drink four each, neither of us has a hangover the next day, or any ill effects at all. A good G&T goes well with spicy food like Indian or Mexican. It’s an adult limeade on hot summer nights. And it’s just a damn fine drink.

But as my husband says, you have to use good ingredients. When there are only three ingredients, it’s important to use the best available. Don’t even think of using cheap gin and bottled lime juice.  And keep in mind a gin and tonic ain’t called The Panty Remover for nothing.

First, fill a bucket glass with as much ice as possible.

Then add one jigger high-quality gin. We use Bombay Gin (not Sapphire) or aged Dutch genever. Whatever you choose, get the good stuff. This is a case where you need to spend a little more. If it’s in a plastic bottle, don’t even think about it.

Squeeze half a fresh lime into the glass. If you’re unlucky and the lime is a bit dry, use all the juice of a whole lime.

Then squeeze in another half a lime and add that wrung-out peel to the glass.

Fill glass with Schwepps Tonic Water. If you don’t like Schwepps, get a decent tonic water, but NOT generic, and make sure the bottle fizzes when you open it. If it’s flat, it’s no good.

Stir with a swizzle stick and serve.


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  1. Alright, I’m tryin’ it tonight. I got a $100 Bevmo card for my birthday just burning a hole in my pocket!

  2. very yummy – thanks


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