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No, these have nothing to do with that dopey Elizabeth Hasselback. There is a restaurant in Sweden called Hasselbacken, from whence comes this recipe…. though it isn’t really a recipe so much as directions.

OK. Get your potatoes together and wash ’em. Then get a wooden spoon and a knife. Put a potato in the bowl of the spoon.


Like that.

Then start slicing thin slices in the potato. The idea is that by having the potato in the bowl of the spoon, it will prevent you from slicing all the way through the potato. You want to wind up with a sort of potato fan.



See?  Like that.

Now get your seasonings and start sprinkling them onto/into the potato. Salt and pepper is fine, but hey, you came all this way just for salt and pepper?? Go wild. Empty out the spice cabinet into the potatoes. Better yet – slice up some cheese and tuck that into the little crevices along with spices. Thinly sliced onions and/or garlic is pretty good too.

Then smear some butter and/or olive oil onto/into the potatoes. Put ’em in a baking dish and stick in fairly hot oven for about an hour, or until potatoes are tender.


Every now and then, give ’em some more butter or oil.


Voila! Hasselback potatoes.


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  1. Just tried these for dinner tonight,and oh wow, were they good! Sea salt, fresh ground black pepper, oregano and basil….yummy! Thanks so much for sharing!


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